Varroa Mite products… The exercise commercial on TV explains it all, “the reason your exercise program does not work, is because you just don’t do it”. If you are into yard sales, you have never been to a sale, that did not have an overabundance of (NEW) to (ALMOST) new exercise equipment that was for sale, or yet, been to a friend’s house /basement that did not have the newest weight loss equipment setting in the corner, unused! I could go into various ways to tell the equipment is unused, but I may get into trouble there.

I am convinced that any miteacide or Varroa control program will work to varying degrees if done properly and according to the label. The trouble is that, they are not being used, or they are not used properly. Some beekeepers think the solution to all honey bee problems revolve around how much money you through at the problem, much like the exercise equipment concept. I am in the business of selling beekeeping equipment, but many is the time I have tried in vain to talk some individuals out of a purchase, because I know that the product and their beekeeping skills/practices are not compatible to a positive outcome, and all to no avail. I have worked with beekeepers for 46 years now, and I do not believe there is an excuse, that I have not heard, but the adage never say never applies. As long as we make excuses for the reasons bees die under our care improvements and change will never occur.

Varroa has been almost non-existent this season so far and I am not sure as to why? On the surface this is great, or does this mean that beekeepers are just not looking, and things are much worse than they appear? Bottom line, pick a method of detection, sugar roll, either roll, natural mite drop, uncapping drone brood, and then pick a control and do it, and as if it needs to be said, that applies to exercise and the associated equipment as well!
Alfalfa and clover are in bloom at present, goldenrod and aster are in the wings about to make an appearance. This has been a good season so far with lots of honey and accompanying swarms, almost time to get ready for winter.


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