This is just what beekeepers do!

Meetings of all kinds including beekeeping around the state are canceled, many businesses are closed, the market has flat-lined, and the news media has nothing good to say. But you could not tell it by the beekeepers; they are just as excited as years gone by, optimistic as always because with the new spring hope springs eternal. Maybe it is because beekeepers have learned to take disappointment in stride; Lord knows they have had enough of it over the years. The shop is busy, customers seem happy and cheerful, but there is no talk of Covid-19 – winter losses maybe, Varroa definitely, but no pandemic discussion at all.

With each passing day, temps rise, days are longer and the promise of a new beekeeping season appears brighter with each sun rise. The buzzards are back, the Killdeer can be heard, the Grackles are still coal black, shiny and noisy as well, Cardinals are beating on the windows, many bulb plants are about to bloom – all is well. The Peacocks are calling, tails are open, baby Muntjac, baby goats and at least one lamb are running about, breeding season for many of nature’s creatures is well underway – Mourning Doves included. I might add that both our incubators are running in anticipation of many peeps, so turn a deaf ear to all the noise because music is clearest and best understood at dawn, after a dark night. BEE of Good Cheer! John 16:33

~ Denzil

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