Let the honey bees decide, they always make the best decision!
Let the bees decide, they always know what is best!
Let the bees decide, they know what they need!

Some of the dumber statements made in beekeeping!
If bees are so intelligent, why do they swarm into a tree one foot above an empty hive full of drawn comb and honey?

If bees are so quick, why do they leave the above hive and land right back in the same tree, same place?

If bees are so bright, why do they swarm in October and are dead in November?

If bees are so sharp, why do they not destroy their own Varroa?

If bees are so canny, why do they kill a perfectly good queen determined by her production and replace her with an inferior supercedure queen of questionable quality?

If bees are so astute, why do they fill a colony up with pollen to the point of no room for brood or honey?

If bees are so clever, why do they protect a drone-laying worker to the point of colony collapse?

If bees are so bright, why do they build and full some comb with so much honey they collapse?

If…..? I have to quit because I have run out of synonyms for smart! Just look at the pictures and see if you come to the same conclusion I do. If you can figure out any commonality between the picture and the topic that is. So, coming to this conclusion, if something goes wrong in a colony of bees who is to blame?

“Bees are more perishable than fruit and more fragile than eggs.” This means they can both languish and spoil and or crash and burn!

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