29th Annual Field Day – SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 2023

A Day in the Life of a Commercial Beekeeper
Charles Linder

Field Day is a Free Event for Everyone!
Time has flown and it is yet time again for the Greatest Field event this side of the Mississippi!

The 29th Annual Field Day will go down in the history books as a day filled with Masters in their class, outstanding in their fields of time spent, education gleaned and success in beekeeping for years.

From the keeper with one colony to the commercial beekeeper with 3000+. An event where we all come together annually see old friends, remember those that are no longer with us and enjoy meeting new ones. “Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.” For this very reason, our lineup of speakers for the day will cover a wide range of topics.

A lot has been stated over time on TV, in the print media, and in beekeeping publications as well about agriculture/farming and its negative impact on the environment and beekeeping. Unfortunately, because those in agriculture/farming are a smaller group and have a limited voice, as a consequence, they are not heard. The same could be said for the commercial beekeeper and for those very reasons we have Charles Linder as our featured speaker. Charles is a commercial beekeeper, producer of the Bee Bus, the Pro Nuc box, agriculture equipment engineer, and lifelong farmer. He will share his journey as a commercial beekeeper with a day-by-day perspective. All beekeepers are in agriculture whether you want to be or not, and we should not be closed minded to those we work with. Now seated on the Board of Directors of The American Beekeeping Federation, representing commercial beekeepers special interest groups.

We are also fortunate to have Peggy Garnes, OSBA President. Peggy is a beekeeper with 20+ yrs. experience keeping 140 colonies, queen breeder and nuc producer, traveling speaker for OSBA and past Western Reserve Representative. Peggy will do an open hive, one hour class on, Methods of Queen Rearing.

Gene Gargas and Randy Leiby, productive and successful beekeepers, both work closely with new class members to see that they get a great start in their beekeeping adventure. These classes are necessary for those who are getting started in beekeeping.

Connie Skolnicky, Apitherapist, will be with us too. We have always had a BVT specialist with us at Field Day, a very interesting program. Learn the importance of Bee Venom Therapy.

John Rose and Corrie Marquis will be our Youth Education Program instructors for Field Day. Taking the Youth class on an adventure thru our mini colonies. There will also be a scavenger hunt on Field Day for the young in age not the young at heart…watch for the signs.

So be sure and mark your calendar, bring your family and friends as the farm environment makes for a wonderful, relaxed and enjoyable day for all.
Field Day is a free event filled with classes, speakers, games, raffles, door prizes and more.

Download the 29th Annual Field Day flyer & Agenda!

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