Package Bees

Package Bees for 2018

EXTRA Package Bees 3 lb. for $140

EXTRA, EXTRA Read all about it!

We will have Extra 3 lb. Packages of California Honey Bees on our 2nd Truck. Sorry we can't allow for a race choice at this time. The Packages will be either, New World Carniolan, Italian or Saskatraz Bees.

3 lb. California Bees with Queen

"Premium Quality Package Bees Raised in the Heart of Northern Caifornia"

We have had the pleasure of working with Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB) for the last 15 years and supplying the East with a superior, quality honey bee. QRC is offering New World Carniolan, Italian and Saskatraz Package Bees with Queen. These bees are simply the BEST - hygienic and good honey producers with gentle characteristics, certified Small Hive Beetle free. Watch the video below to learn more about the origin of the bees you purchase from Queen Right Colonies.

Each year QRC receives a health certificate from OHB that is issued by the Ag Commissioner from the county OHB operates in. The health certificate states, that Olivarez Honey Bees is small hive beetle free. The health certificates are issued each year in March.

2018 OHB Certificate of Apiary Inspection 

We are proud to say, "QRC is making the best of the best available every year!