Package Bees For Sale

3 lb. California Package Bees with Queen for 2024

We schedule our Package Bee arrival for mid to late April. Weather permitting we hold as closely to this schedule as possible.

Premium-quality Package Bees for sale raised in Northern California by Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB). We have had the pleasure of working with OHB for over 20 years and supplying the East with a superior, quality honey bees. Queen Right Colonies is offering New World Carniolan, Three-banded Italian, Cordovan and Saskatraz 3 lb Package Bees with Queen. These bees are simply the BEST – hygienic and good honey producers with gentle characteristics, certified Small Hive Beetle free. Bees are more fragile than eggs and more perishable than fruit.


Certificate of Apiary Inspection 2024

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