Basswood Section - Comb Honey

Comb Honey taken directly from the beehive and never extracted, but instead left in the natural state – sealed within the beeswax honeycomb. Basswood Section Comb Honey classic, old world comb honey production at its best.

How to Video: “Today we discuss the three predominant honeycomb systems in North America – the Split Comb System, Ross Round System, and Hogg Halfcomb System. ” by Beeky Geek

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  • 4-3/4˝ Super Box

  • Basswood Split Section Box Veneer Separator

  • Basswood Split Section Flat Metal Strip

  • Basswood Split Section Holder Block

  • Basswood Split Section Scalloped Piece

  • Basswood Split Section Solid Pine Board

  • Comb Honey box

    Basswood Split Section Window Carton

  • Comb Honey Cutter

  • Comb Honey Spring


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