The Ultimate Universal 3 Season Feeder


User friendly universal feeder. 1 gallon capacity. Out performs all other for spring, fall & winter feeding, all without disturbing the bees or the hive.


The Ultimate Universal 3 Season Feeder

BeeSmart Design’s bee & user friendly Universal 3 Season Feeder that outperforms all others for Spring, Fall and Winter feeding, all without disturbing the bees. Doubles as a waterer or feeder 1 gallon capacity. Feeder fits inside Medium box; 1 in 8-frame or 1-2 in 10-frame hive equipment.

  • Great for early season spring build up.
  • Perfect for fall & emergency winter feeding.
  • Gives bees’ faster/easier access to syrup.
  • Bees feed 24 hours per day at inner cover hole in warmth, regardless of temperature.
  • Bees have close access to syrup at inner cover hole, not in cold space above.
  • User friendly; no mess, no fuss, no spills, no hassles.
  • Minimize bee loss; no drowning, no dead bees.
  • EZ-GRIP™ handle.
  • Swap tanks out in seconds; no tools, no hassles.
  • Check syrup level quickly without opening hive; just lift cover.
  • Refill tank quickly easily without disturbing bees; no mess, no open syrup.
  • Bees and hive remain undisturbed when checking and refilling.
Made in USA.


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