Miniature Beginner Kit for the Little Beekeeper


Miniature Beginner Kit for the Bee Kids™ line of Beekeeping Supplies is perfect for the Little Beekeeper in your life. Kit comes assembled and treated.

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Miniature Beginner Kit for the Bee Kids™ Beekeeping Supplies

Super Hero BeeSaving the honeybees depends on our investment in the future. Now is the time to teach the children to embrace the world of beekeeping. Our Miniature Beginner Kit provides your Little Beekeeper with the essentials to get started on their adventure, except for the flying superhero pollinators.

Miniature Beginner Kit includes QRC Exclusive Miniature series of the following;

  • Deep Super Kit
  • Telescoping Cover
  • Inner Cover
  • Deep Frames with Foundation
  • Varroa Screen Bottom Board for Integrated Pest Management
  • Bee Feeder (1 quart)
  • Bee Kids™ Suit and Veil Combo
  • Hive Tool
  • Bee Smoker
  • Miniature Bee Smoker Pellets
  • Bee Kids™ Leather Gloves

The Kit comes assembled & treated. Ready for the installation of your pollinators and provides your Little Keeper with all the tools they need to be defenders of our superheroes.

QRC Exclusive


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