Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS)


Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) target Varroa mites on adult honey bees, penetrates the capped brood cell, interferes with mite reproduction and stops the transmission of viruses within the hive. Choose from 10 or 30 treatment options.

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Mite Away Quick Strips®

Mite Away Quick Strips are formic acid polysaccharide gel strips for the treatment and control of Varroosis caused by Varroa Destructor in Honey Bees (Apis Mellifera). The strip is thinner than the height of a bee allowing it to fit in the bee space between hive parts making it much easier to apply. Click here for Application Instructions

  • 90-99% efficacy and kills mites under the cap.
  • Ready to use out of the pail. No mixing required.
  • Certified Organic through BioGro.
  • MAQS strips are made from all natural biodegradable materials and can be composted.

Visit Nature’s Own Design for more information:
The Varroa Mite


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