Ross Round Super Kit


A cut comb system designed to make comb honey section production easy and profitable for the beekeeper. Available for 10- and 8-Frame equipment


Ross Round Super Kit

Ross Round Super Kit will produce the nicest most consistent comb honey. The reason so many beekeepers turn to the Ross Round Comb Honey System is because you can still manage and manipulate the frames individually and harvest completed sections out of supers that are not fully filled out.

This kit comes fully assembled, available for 10 Frame and 8-Frame equipment:
10-Frame Kit includes 1-assembled super, 8 frames, 64 rings.
8-Frame Kit includes 1-assembled super, 7 frames, 56 rings.

Additional products sold separately:

  • 8 sheets of 3-7/8″ Thin Foundation
  • Opaque or Crystal Covers
  • Labels

How to Video: “Today we discuss the three predominant honeycomb systems in North America – the Split Comb System, Ross Round System, and Hogg Halfcomb System. ” by Beeky Geek


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