Uncapping Fork or Cappings Scratcher


Uncapping Fork or Capping Scratcher used to perforate the honey capped comb so that the honey will flow out of the comb during the extraction process.

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Uncapping Fork or Cappings Scratcher

Uncapping Fork is used to uncap the honey cells allowing honey flow during the extraction process. Sturdy beekeeping equipment. Easy grip plastic handle with stainless steel tines. The sharp tines on the uncapping tool are used to scratch off or lift off the wax from the supers. It will get the corners of the frames where a knife will not reach. Also good for pulling out drone brood to check for varroa mites.

“It all depends on how you plan to use the Cappings Scratcher or the Uncapping Fork as to what you want to call it.”
Bee Culture The Magazine of American Beekeeping by Jim Thompson


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