Varrox Eddy


The first and only OA Vaporizer that vaporizes with an attached INCLUDED battery!

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Varrox Eddy

Varrox Eddy is the first oxalic acid evaporator with included battery by OxaVap. No more towing of power generators or heavy car batteries. Varrox Eddy is lightweight, handy and weighs less than 1.3 lbs including the battery. A single key press on the device is enough to start the treatment. With a fully charged battery, you can treat up to 15 hives! The full battery charging time is a maximum of 4 hours. The Eddy requires an opening of at least 6th tenth of an inch high and 3.54 inches wide. Well within most hive openings.

An oxalic acid dihydrate treatment with the evaporator Varrox Eddy to kill varroa and tracheal mites is not only gentle for the bees, but also safe for the user. Place the device under the beehive and start the treatment with a single push of a button. The user can walk away from the beehive until the end of the treatment. Thanks to the LED lights, it is possible to monitor the progress of the treatment from a distance. The device signals with extra bright and colored LED lights what to do next.

Treatments with oxalic acid dihydrate are best in a brood-free state. Vaporization is great to use after catching a swarm as there is no brood and you start with a mite free hive!

Simply load the proper amount of OA into the cup of the Varrox Eddy and slide it into the entrance. Seal the open parts of the entrance with a damp cloth or foam strip and start the device at the touch of a button. The treatment time and temperature are electronically controlled by the device and stopped as soon as the filled amount has vaporized.

To speed up the treatment, when the light flashes white, remove the Eddy, turn the Eddy upside down to release the used pan and replace it with an OA filled one. This helps dissipate the heat and readies the Eddy for insertion into the next hive. Seal the hive and as soon as the lights are green, start the next treatment.

Just follow the lights and push buttons! It does not get any simpler.

Use appropriate protection as you should not breathe the oxalic acid fumes.


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